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HoundHouse Dog Den Kennel

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  • Anodised, rust-resistant Steel frames
  • Lightweight but Portable
  • Sturdy and Tough
  • Excellent for housing, camping, travelling or storage
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Collapsible and easy to store away
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    HoundHouse Dog Den Kennel

    HoundHouse Dog Den Kennel
    The DogDen is the bare bones version of the HoundHouse kennel. This budget version comes with a strong and sturdy frame. The outside material is a hygienic and comfortable nylon denier that is easy-to-fold. The HoundHouse Dog Den Kennelis a budget version of the original HoundHouse Kennel. The Dog Den has been designed to be suitable for any weather. This tough, durable, lightweight, portable and easy to clean kennel is perfect for permanent housing, camping, travelling or storage. This comfortable kennel features a black-powder coated frames and a nylon denier hood which that is interchangeable with the original HoundHouse Kennel. Always protect the mesh base with a mat to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Pet owners assume all responsibility for their pet’s behavior, supervision and safety.

    Quality Materials for durability
    The HoundHouse Dog Kennels are built with the Sturdiest Anodised, Rust-Proof Steel frames to withstand the weight of dogs and the stress of tough weather conditions. Each Hound house Dog Kennel is also designed with portability in mind, it is easy to set up and can be collapsed for storage or taken along on road trips.

    Tips for Hygiene
    Like all dog kennels, the HoundHouse will fill up with your dog’s fur, becoming oily and smelly. Unlike other dog kennels, the HoundHouse can be easily hosed out, removing all unwanted hair and bacteria from the kennel. With just minimal effort, your dog will have a fresh house to enjoy. By cleaning out your pet’s fur, you are reducing the places that fleas can hide and breed.

    About HoundHouse Pet Products
    Hound House Pet Products was started by a dog-lover with a wealth of experience in the auto and marine upholstery industry. Realising that most dogs do not enjoy the feel of hard, timber material, the Hound House designers created a version of a dog kennel to ensure the best hygienic and comfortable conditions for their dog, Tyson. Hound house Dog Kennels have since become a household name with their weatherproof, appealing Dog Kennels that come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes. All dog beds can also be fitted with replacement clear flaps, kennel hoods, foam mats and heated mats.

    Hound House Pet Products is made by a fellow dog-lover who understands you want the extreme comfort for your favourite canine!

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    Additional Info

    Small Length: 54cm Width: 48cm Height: 48cm
    Medium Length: 62cm Width: 58cm Height: 63cm
    Large Length: 84cm Width: 73cm Height: 80cm
    Extra Large Length: 102cm Width: 84cm Height: 93cm



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