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HoundHouse Replacement Dog Mat - Green

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  • Can be put into a HoundHouse Kennel or used on its own
  • Superior Canvas weave provides extra comfort
  • Same durable material used in campers and 4x4 canopies
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Come in 4 sizes
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    HoundHouse Replacement Dog Mats

    Easy to Clean and Hygienic!
    The HoundHouse Replacement Dog Mats provides extra comfort for your dogs. These mats are especially helpful for dogs in their senior years who might like additional padding in their kennel. Pets with arthritic pains or skin conditions also benefit from the quality canvas that has been veterinarian approved HoundHouse Pet Products are made of a heavy-duty, breathable weave that opens in the heat to allow for ventilation. It contracts in the rainy and cool conditions, creating a barrier to the cold.

    With or without the Houndhouse Dog Kennel!
    The Houndhouse Replacement Mats are thick and comfortable enough for use on its own, or can also be matched to fit a HoundHouse Dog Kennel. When used with the HoundHouse Dog Kennel, the Replacement mats can be tied in to the steel structures. The mats are available in small to extra large sizes, so there is a size that will surely fit your pet!

    HoundHouse Pet Products are designed by passionate dog-lovers who understand that you want the best comfort for your pet!

    About Houndhouse Pet Products
    HoundHouse Pet Products was founded by a dog-lover with a wealth of experience in the auto and marine upholstery industry. Realising that most dogs do not enjoy the feel of hard, timber material, the HoundHouse designers created a version of a dog kennel to ensure the most hygienic and comfortable conditions for their dog, Tyson. Houndhouse Dog Kennels have since become a household name with their appealing Dog Kennels that come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes. All dog beds can also be fitted with replacement clear flaps, kennel hoods, foam mats and heated mats.

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    Additional Info

    Small Length: 50cm Width: 41cm
    Medium Length: 58cm Width: 56cm
    Large Length: 80cm Width: 70cm
    Extra Large Length: 100cm Width: 78cm



    Houndhouse Dog Kennel measurements in cm
  • Small - 50 L x 38W
  • Meidum - 58L x 55W
  • Large - 80L x 70W
  • Extra Large - 100L x 75W
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