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Purina Petlife Undercoat Comb (40% OFF)

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Step 1: Preparation
  • Loosens thick undercoats
  • Remove mats and dead hair
  • Great for double coated breeds
  • Easy to use , Lightweight
  • Non stick ergo grip
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    Purina Petlife

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    Purina Petlife Undercoat Comb

    The Purina Petlife company recognises the increased urbanisation of pets in our country today with people treating their pets as part of their family. As a result, Petlife puts effort into developing extensive product lines to satisfy pet lovers’ needs whilst enabling them to interact, entertain and provide comfort to their pet.

    Facing problems when helping your dog to detangle and loosen thick undercoat with a normal brush or comb? Don’t worry, as this Purina Petlife Undercoat Comb is designed with special pins that can remove knots and dead hair effectively. It’s special steel pin is able to go deep into the thick undercoat whilst detangle easily.

    Firstly, remove all the dead hair before bathing your dog. After that, apply shampoo and conditioner to make sure it looks healthy and beautiful!

    Step 1: Preparation
  • Loosens thick undercoats
  • Remove mats and dead hair
  • Great for double coated breeds
  • Easy to use , Lightweight
  • Non stick ergo grip

    Additional Information:
    Understand how to groom your pet with Purina Petlife today. There are 4 simple steps to follow:
    Step 1: Preparation & Bathing
  • Remove the knots and tangles
  • Recommended products: Petlife Undercoat Rake, Petlife Slicker Brush, Petlife Knot Remover and Petlife Detangling spray
  • Shampoo, massage and clean
  • Recommended products: Petlife Shampoo, Conditioning Shampoo, Petlife Massage Brush, Andis Easy Clip Hair Dryer
    Step 2: Brush and Style
  • De-shed, removing loose undercoat, full body clip & trim
  • Recommended products: Petlife Scissors, Petlife Shedding Tool, Fragrance, Gloss Coat Spray, Shedding Shampoo, Nail Clippers,
    Step 3: Finishing Touches
  • Nail trimming, brush, shine & spray
  • Recommended products: Petlife Combo Brush, Petlife Porcupine Brush and Slicker Brush

    To Read More about Purina Petlife Grooming products, Click here- 3-STEP GUIDE TO PURINA PETLIFE GROOMING PRODUCTS
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