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Snooza Flea Free Raised Dog Bed Replacement Cover

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  • Breathable Fabric
  • Fixes Snooza Flea Free Raised Dog Bed
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    Special Note: Snooza products are not available for pick up. All products are made to order so do expect an extra day or two between order placement and order shipment. Products will be shipped from Snooza warehouse.
    Snooza Flat Pack Flea Free Pet Beds Replacement Cover

    Breathable Fabric
    The Snooza Flea Free Raised Dog Bed is perfect for the uber active dog who gets active and would appreciate the extra ventilation! As we all know, a lack of air circulation can be breeding ground for germs and fleas so this bed helps to deal with it. Each Flea Free Bed comes with a tough open weaved outdoor fabric. This equals great durability against wear and tear while still being very breathable for maximum air movement.

    Easy Cleaning
    Cleaning dog beds is already hard enough, but with this model its a cinch. Just wipe it down with a wet cloth and that strong fabric cover will keep going! If the cover ever needs replacing its simple with the bed's four bolt assembly easily detaching the fabric from the frame.

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    - Flea Free Dog Bed Bolt
    - Multimat
    - Woolly Cover
    - Magnomat


    Additional Info

      Length Width
    Mini 460mm 430mm
    Small 690mm 550mm
    Medium 900mm 550mm
    Large 1020mm 700mm
    X-Large 1150mm 780mm



    The Snooza Guarantee
    As one of the leaders in quality pet products, it comes as no surprise that Snooza backs all their products with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Snooza do not only just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Every Snooza product comes with a guarantee that the materials and workmanship are of the highest quality, with a lifetime guarantee against flaws & defects. If your Snooza gets too much love from your dog and needs some repair Snooza may be able to provide a FREE repair service. Speak to Oz Dog Beds for more information. Good for you, Great for your Dog!


    Dimensions for replacement raised dog beds please
    Please find the link and the specification of the product that you required: http://www.ozdogbeds.com.au/snooza-flea-free-dog-bed-flat-pack-pet-beds.html Length Width Mini 460mm 430mm Small 690mm 550mm Medium 900mm 550mm Large 1020mm 700mm X-Large 1150mm 780mm

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