Dog Cushion & Mattress

Plush and Warm, Soft and Comfy, Colourful and Creative.... these are just some of the words that come to mind when we think of the different Dog Cushions and Dog Futons we have here at our store! Dogs of all kinds will find something at Oz Dog Beds.

We have cushions for the active roaming dog that requires something sturdy and more durable, while there are plenty of options for those who thrive on a bit of style. And of course we can't forget the plain and simple jute mattress dog bed that you can replace easily, or the stylish Lounger for a cool-looking pooch, or the cute Jacks Dog Bed with a variety of replaceable covers so that you can keep using the same pillow while able to change your patterns! If you have a more elderly dog, we highly recommend the Lounger Gunmetal Dog Bed and the Snooza Big Dog Beds. Whatever you're after, chances are Oz Dog Beds has the right thing for you!