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Purina Petlife Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack

  • Replacement for Professional Multi Brush tool
  • Contains Pin brush
  • Contains Bristle brush
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    Purina Petlife Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack

    This accessories pack comes with bristle & pin attachment for the Professional Multi Brush tool if you ever need a replacement. Pin brush removes loose hair and debris. Bristle brush polishes the coat shiny.

    Additional Information:
    Understand how to groom your pet with Purina Petlife today. There are 3 simple steps to follow:
    Step 1: Preparation & Bathing
  • Remove the knots and tangles
  • Recommended products: Petlife Undercoat Rake, Petlife Slicker Brush, Petlife Knot Remover and Petlife Detangling spray
  • Shampoo, massage and clean
  • Recommended products: Petlife Shampoo, Conditioning Shampoo, Petlife Massage Brush, Andis Easy Clip Hair Dryer

  • Step 2: Brush and Style
  • De-shed, removing loose undercoat, full body clip & trim
  • Recommended products: Petlife Scissors, Petlife Shedding Tool, Fragrance, Gloss Coat Spray, Shedding Shampoo, Nail Clippers

  • Step 3: Finishing Touches
  • Nail trimming, brush, shine & spray
  • Recommended products: Petlife Combo Brush, Petlife Porcupine Brush and Slicker Brush
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    Brand Purina Petlife
    Barcode 9316457090909
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