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Simple Solution Training Pads 14 Pack

  • 14 pads
  • 55cm x 56cm
  • Incredibly absorbent pads
  • Grreat for toilet training your new puppy
  • 6 absorbent layers, capable of holding 10 times more fluid
  • Designed to eliminate any odours and prevent leakage
  • Built with polymer that converts fluids into gel
    Simple Solution Training Pads 14 Pack

    The Simple Solution Training Pads are the perfect way to potty train your puppy. These training pads are incredibly absorbent and hold ten times the fluid than standard pads. The centre is particularly absorbent to draw the liquid away from the bottom and prevent liquids from bleeding through the pad and leaving a trail beneath the pad.

    The pad is constructed with 6 layers to ensure that your floor stays dry and free of stains. The pad is also designed to eliminate odours, making it an excellent choice either for dogs or for your cat's little box. The pads measure 55cm x 56cm and this pack comes with 14 training pads to ensure that your pet's needs are met. The pads have powerful attractant to encourage pets to use the pad and reinforce natural instincts. Lastly, to completely prevent odour and leakage, the pads are built with a polymer that converts fluids into a gel.

    How to use:
    1. Place the pad on the floor, plastic side down and tissue side up.
    2. Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing her to smell the special 3-in-1 attractant and giver her a familiar command to encourage use.
    3. If she doesn't relieve herself immediately, take her back several times until she is successful.
    4. When she relieves herself on the pad, reward her with a treat or enthusiastic praise.

    Training Tips:
    1. Keep the pad in an area that is available to your dog, but away from his bed and food. When accidents happen, remove all traces of the odours to prevent your dog from repeat marking.
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